Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thinking about growing some Tomatoes

Most people don't want to be farmers these days. The so called the modern-world & the industrial revolution have clouded their judgment & instinct. This is how it is at least where I come from.

So basically there aren't a whole lot of people involved in farming, but we still have to eat!, don't we now?. What this means is that small number of people have to manage large farming estates and consequently, the usage of pesticides are heavily used for controlling weeds & saplings. To make it all worse, most people don't even care about the health standards when using these toxic materials!. And it is only a matter of time before in negatively affect our health. 

Rice is our main source of food and we grow a lot of it. And in the recently years, this abuse of pesticides has resulted in a lot of health related concerns. For instance, there is a growing kidney disease that has affected a huge number of people in our country. While most argue that the pesticides have nothing to do with it (even doctors!), I talked with some people who live in these areas and what they conform is what I suspected. Youngsters all want to be engineers and doctors or at least doing a decent 'job', nobody's is there to manage the rice farms. In the past people used to gather around and clean up weed & saplings, but the 'modern-world' has successfully destroyed the common bondage of people and have rendered us extremely selfish, nobody helps out each other anymore. People have lost their instinctive bondage with nature and they will eventually get to realize that (it'll be too late for them anyway), such fundamental mistakes are always quietly costly. 

My mother has grown number of vegetables at our land and I'm also considering doing the same. I'm thinking of starting of with planting some tomatoes. If all goes well, I guess I'll move on to growing other vegetables as well. I've already cleared out a certain area that used to be full of weed & saplings. There still is a bit of a ground work to be done, but I'm actually waiting for the rain to arrive. But I guess in the meantime, I'll be doing the research of how to plant tomatoes and currently I've found two great sources if you're interested, you can access those materials from the below websites:

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