Monday, January 25, 2016

I Saw a Viper ('Viperidae') While Cutting Some Brush on my Land!

I had a small area on my land that had thickly grown weed, saplings and some brushes. Previously I had used it for planting Pineapples plants (say about 2000 to 2400, the whole area used was around 60 perches). I pretty much did everything by myself and let me tell you, maintaining a Pineapple plantation (despite the size) is very difficult!.

They demand a close attention, from planting to getting the harvest. But the most difficult thing of all (at least in my experience) is getting rid of the weeds!. They grow and populates extremely fast, and to make it all worse, it has been raining consistently in the past year. Since I'm the only one looking after the plantation, and since once a Pineapple plant is grown (or even when it's little), unlike most other plants, you can't use cutting tools (weather a mechanical one or hand tools) to clean the weed & saplings that are grown closer to the Pineapple plant because of thorns too. So anyhow, let me come back to the story.

The point is, I had to let the little Pineapple plantation experiment (or whatever you want to call it) go and pretty much removed all the plants (except for few). I re planted a few (about 20-30) and planted some Banana trees (scientifically speaking, they're plants I guess, at least according to Wikipedia:

Banana trees require very little attention, you just have to clean around the a little (even that is not necessary when they grow to a certain degree) and add some fertilizers after 3 or 4 months and you're good to go. So anyhow, within a couple of months lots of bush, weeds and other useless plants took over!.

So one day I took my brush cutter (if you're looking to purchase one, the it's better to do some research: some and started to cut those heavy weed and saplings. Now, I don't know why but I have a good instinctive sense whenever there's a snake. I just sense them (it's weird, I know :D ).

So when I've been like 2 hours with my grass trimmer I wanted to rest. So I turned off my Kawasaki TG24 and then immediately, I had this urge to look to my right side. First I didn't notice anything. But then as I was closely observing the thick weed, about 25 feet away, I saw a couple of saplings fluttering!.

I still didn't know what it was, or if there is anything below them (you really couldn't see anything through those happily grown weed!), but as I was closely observing them, within a couple of seconds, I saw its head!.

I still didn't know the kind, so I got a little closer to see, and then I saw its body and especially the tail I knew what it was, a Viper (Russels's Viper to be precise). He was going away from me because I think he felt that I would approach that area for cutting the weed down.

Viper are deadly snakes and there's a saying in my country that if you don't kill a deadly snake after seeing, you're a fool. Well I guess it's probably true, but then again, I guess it was more true in the old days because there were no good treatments etc around. But in my case I let it go. Apparently I've seen at least 2 of them recently and someone told me that the like to dwell on Pineapple plantations. That could probably be true because before the Pineapple plantation, we rarely saw these creatures. And interestingly, he was coming out of some of the removed Pineapple trees (I've made a couple of small 'mountains' of them).

I cut the weed and saplings on that area afterwards, but was much careful. Always looking back!.

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